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Fred Mitchim

Fred Mitchim has been playing music in many forms since the 60's, based in Texas and now in Arizona. Fred is currently playing his original psychedelic rock/bluesy originals and 13th Floor Elevator classics as the Fred Mitchim Band and playing meditative multi-instrument "sound scape music" as KAI. Fred is also one of the current guitarists with the legendary Austin band from the 60's, the 13th Floor Elevators. Fred has worked with many of the original members of the 13th Floor Elevators for many years including the creation of a complete Album with Powell St John , (writer of several Elevator songs), the forming of the John Ike Walton Revival, in which he played guitar and sang lead vocals, and playing on several occasions with Ronnie Leatherman. In 2015 Fred made contact again with Tommy Hall (Elevator founder) and during that time Roky Erickson and the rest of the living Elevators decided to regroup for a reunion concert as the headline show at the 2015 LEVITATION Festival (Austin Psyche Fest) in Austin Texas. Fred formed the Tommy Hall Schedule in 2002, essentially at that time a 13th Floor Elevator tribute band and had been playing the classic Elevator songs for about 13 years when the Elevators asked Fred to join them on guitar with Eli Southard as replacement for the late Stacey Sutherland.

fred mitchim and ronnie leathermanTHE FRED MITCHIM BAND:

Fred Mitchim - Songs, Vocals, Guitar
Sean T French - Bass
various drummers


Fred Mitchim - Songs, Vocals, Guitar
Sean T French - Rythm Guitar

List of some venues played in last 12 mo:

Local Jonny's - Cave creek AZ
Bird Cage  - Prescott AZ
Janey's - Cave Creek AZHorny Toad - Cave creek AZ
Harold's Corral - Cave Creek AZ
Silver Spur - Cave Creek AZ
The Raven - Prescott AZ








Original "KNOCK ME OUT"

Fast Life Rider by johnny Winter, LIVE at the Bird Cage in Prescott AZ 2016

"She Lives" by the 13th Floor Elevators performed by the Fred Mitchim Band